The E.R.C featuring Maxine Peake

Maxine Peake  the ERC

Sunday 16th December
7.30pm at The Harris Museum (library)
Tickets £10

Here’s a very exciting show in a secret all-ages venue in Preston City Centre! The E.R.C. (Eccentronic Research council) have made one of the stand-out albums of the year with ’1612 Underture’ about the legend of the Pendle Witches. Their shows with the acclaimed actress Maxine Peake on vocals/narration are scarce and in-demand, so we are delighted to welcome them to Preston for what looks set to be a memorable Christmas show.

Emma Tricca and Paper Dollhouse – two fantastic acts from the E.R.C.’s record label, Bird Records – also return to Preston as support following their amazing show at the Continental earlier in the year.

Advance tickets are £10 and are available NOW from

Ticket also available in person from: The Continental, Action Records, and Preston Tourist Information later this week.

The E.R.C. (Eccentronic Research Council)

Brought to you by the magic of They Eat Culture, in conjunction with PCC, LCC, Tuff Life Boogie, and mucho friends and family from Preston – part of the weekender hoopla & shenanigans happening in the city centre on the 14th-16th December.

The E.R.C are practical electronics enthusiasts from Sheffield, featuring Adrian Flanagan – Words/Music/Field Recordings (Chanteuse and the Crippled Claw), Dean Honer – Music/production/Synthesis (I Monster) and feature Maxine Peake – voice- on their current project, The 1612 Underture, a 14 chapter sound poem based on the mistreatment and memory of the Pendle Witches who were executed in Lancashire, England, on 20 August 1612.

Although the nucleus of the Album is based on historical events, The Eccentronic Research Council identify an uncanny relevance to our current political and social climate – perhaps things haven’t changed so much in 400 years. To illustrate, this the album’s dialogue bounces between an unspecified contemporary time zone and the events leading up to August 1612, contrasting fictional/factional occurrences around various Pendle Witches whilst being routed by a modern day travelogue to Pendle as seen through the eyes of a Catholic nun and priest. On our journey we encounter 1960s feminist poetry, mythical news stories, a synthesiser folk duet and the raising of a dead witch via a ouija board to curse all that is bad about the Jubilee Year. It’s a concept record.

This is one of only a handful of shows in unusual places that the ERC are doing to promote the album featuring Maxine Peake on vocals. The live band will also be augmented by Lucy Hope and Lucy Cunsolo from the Chanteuse and Crippled Claw. Anyone who saw the Chanteuse show at the Continental during Preston Guild week earlier this year will be aware that this is going to be an unmissable event!